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Specifiers / Architects

Mezzanine Floors

Specifiers / Architects

As procurement routes have changed, Specifiers have become increasingly more important in the choice of suppliers. It is their responsibility to provide products and services that meet stringent functional and aesthetic requirements.

Traditionally choosing a supplier, the specifier looks at how they successfully communicate the benefits of their products and services and how they build and sustain lasting business relationships.

In the course of preparing specifications, they will:

  • Establish performance and sustainability criteria
  • Seek out products and systems to meet the criteria
  • Recommend materials and systems
  • Integrate compatible systems
  • Document the selections
  • Help enforce the criteria and the selections during contract administration

How we want to work with you

Step 1

One of our team will discuss the client’s brief with you before we produce some mezzanine design design proposals.

We will help you get to the tender stage and prepare your requirements if required.

Step 2

We can create a pro forma invoice, if needed, to take payment for your order. Once we have taken your payment we can book in the delivery date.

Step 3

You can install the products yourselves or Onorin can install them for you.

There is free delivery on all orders in the UK. Typically we dispatch within 2-4 weeks of order: we will advise accurately at tender stage.

Step 4

Don’t worry, you will hear from us again…once installed we will provide information and or support if and when needed.

Of course, we also love to hear feedback and see your finished result.

  • Specifiers / Architects
  • Specifiers / Architects