Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor Planning

The Government announced in May 2006 that planning permission would be required for the creation of new internal retail floor space of over 200 square metres gross, which includes mezzanine floors.

This effectively means that the insertion of mezzanine floors or the use of internal space (such as storage), for the retail sale of goods in either town centres or within edge of centre out of town retail developments which either individually or cumulatively exceeds 200 square metres gross, will require planning permission if the purpose is for the sale of retail goods to visiting members of the public.

Planning permission is normally specified by building regulation controller and local authority, we will discuss this with our approved inspectors and advise you if this is applicable for your mezzanine floor.

RICS Commercial Planning Permission guide.

  • Mezzanine Floor Planning
  • Mezzanine Floor Planning